Welcome at I-Animal

I-Animal is a non-profit organization founded, by Siegmond van Lamoen in 2012, with one mission: Striving to better the welfare of animals in Curacao, by raising awareness through prevention programs such as educational seminars, sterilization programs and public awareness announcements. We are dedicated to the well being of all animals on the island of Curaçao. Pinko is our mascotte we use to approach children and let them learn in a fun way about the well being of animals.

I-Animal foundation has been founded on June 18, 2012 in order to help raise awareness regarding Animal well-being on the island of Curacao through Education . On January 12, 2012 Siegmond, started a project to educate and inform about animal welbeing in general (but namely about dogs) at a local school. Nelly Winkel school was the first school Siegmond had the privileged to pass his knowledge to the younger generation.

For many years, humans have believed we are the most intelligent beings on the planet. However, evolutionary biologists are now claiming that some members of the animal kingdom may in fact have superior brains - we just don't recognize/understand their intelligence.

An animal’s inability to understand and adhere to our rules is as irrelevant as a child’s or a person with a developmental disability’s inability to do so. Like small children, most animals are not capable of choosing to change their behavior, but adult human beings have the intelligence to choose between behavior that hurts others and behavior that doesn’t.

When we share information regarding animals with the children and give them assignment it nice to get these type of reply's from the parents. "Just thought u might want to know that my son is coloring a flamingo and looking on the internet to see exactly what color the beak, feet, etc are. He is inspired!"