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Looking for cool products for your animals?

You can also help I-Animal by purchasing these cool products for your animals. Send us an e-mail for pricing and availability. E-mail us at:




Have your dog playing with this plastic bottle game to get his treats. While these games are so cool it’s also mind triggering and interesting that your dog may keep itself entertained and with no need to dig holes in the garden or break other stuff like water hose and so on. And for a fact we know cats like it as well. For naf 25 you can also own one of these games.






You want to show you are a real cat lover? Buy one of these stickers for your car and show a  wagging tail every time you use your rear car window washer. Available with a grumpy or smiling cat.







On request we can make you a holder for water bowls for your dog or cat. If you are interested we can make you a one, two or three bowl holder. Starting from naf 20 depending on the size of the bowls and made to the ideal height for your dogs or cats.