For successful completion of the I-Animal Project, we will also need a lot of volunteers. If you want to make a difference and prevent animals from being born in Curaçao where there are already so many unwanted, you can become a part of the I-Animal castration project.

  • We will need volunteers to:
  • Raise awareness in neighborhoods about the I-Animal Project.
  • Inform dog owners about the I-Animal Project and its benefits
  • Share and document data about dogs and their owners
  • Data collection and scheduling
  • Catch and transport dogs
  • Assist veterinarians

As a volunteer, you will sign up by filling in an online questionnaire to inform us of your willingness to help. In that questionnaire, you will let us know when you are available and how often you are willing to help. Additional, you can inform us about your preferred task, and we will try to find a fitting job for you.

Once you have signed up, you will be contacted by one of the coordinators of I-Animal with further details about your role in the project.

We need volunteers. Help us solve a huge problem.

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